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In realizing her aims, Scripture Union Nigeria encourages people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayers, hence, the publication of the following devotional materials suited to help children, young people, and the whole family to meet God daily and develop a personal relationship with Him.

View in the slide to your right the list of all our devotional materials namely:

  1. Daily Milk for Children
  2. Daily Power for young people
  3. Daily Guide for adults
  4. Inye Aka is the Igbo version of Daily Guide
  5. Odudu Uwen is the Efik version of Daily Guide
  6. Bibeli Ajumoka is the Yoruba version of Daily Guide

Visit any Scripture Union Nigeria Bookshop for a copy of these devotionals or visit any S. U. Group nearest to you.

OR Contact Scripture Union Press and Books Limited [opp. Old Airport, Oyo Road, Samonda. U.I.P.O. Box 4011, Ibadan, Nigeria]

Tel: (+234) 8174504318, 8153858224, 7067415887,